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“Niamh” in Irish mean “bright” or “radiant”. And the word “niamh” in a few Indian languages mean “law”. Usually, contract law is seen as dull and drag topics which are best avoided.

We, at Niamh Consultancy, target to provide clients’ a brighter perspective to commercial issues involving contracts, especially in the construction sector.

We hope to facilitate clients’ understanding of their contracts, especially their contractual rights, and as to how such rights could be streamlined with their commercial objectives. The same could assist the clients in making a well-informed decision on complex and contentious issues under construction contracts. In short, we help clients see the big picture whilst appreciating the potential inherent complexity, unpredictability and legal maneuvers involved.


“Think of the fierce energy concentrated in an acorn! You bury it in the ground, and it explodes into a giant oak” George Bernard Shaw.

Our logo represents the well grown oak tree. Though we are currently a start-up or “acorn”, our mission is to grow into a giant oak. A giant oak delivering exceptional consultancy services with integrity and honesty.

The giant oak also personifies that growth has to be rooted in strong foundations.

The giant oak also provides shade/cover to all those who come to it which is our objective for our clients. We intend to provide effective consultancy services by always focusing on the best interests of our clients.


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Niamh Consultancy’s guiding principles while undertaking any consultancy assignment and delivering contract advisory services have been briefly articulated below:

1. Integrity:

If in our opinion, a particular claim/dispute situation could not be reasonably salvaged in the interest of the client, we should appraise the client accordingly. This should be despite such appraisal resulting in loss of potential opportunity to earn fees by painting a potential ray of hope (often non-existent mirage).

2. Transparency:

We aim for transparent disclosure of facts, arguments, rebuttals and potential set-back. In other words, we target to disclose and explain relevant aspects to clients. Selective disclosure often robs the client of the opportunity to make an informed decision upfront. Together with integrity, transparency in dealing forms our core beliefs.

3. Amicable Settlement:

All resources, skill sets, arguments, and strategies are marched for an eventual commercial settlement (if any). Any escalation to a full-blown formal dispute resolution process is usually the last choice. We believe an amicable commercial settlement is generally in the parties’ interest wherein substantial time and legal risks could be mitigated together with the relationship between the parties.

Thanks for visiting our page. Please do drop in an email at info@niamhconsultancy.com if you are grappling with any commercial or contractual issues under construction sector requiring a combination of civil engineering, management and legal skill sets. We are always on the lookout for challenging assignments.