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May 2023 Should Jack be paid? An introductory notice on an article on Implied Terms, Unjust Enrichment and Quantum Meruit in Singapore. Read More
May 2023 Contractor "terminated" contract in the morning based on repudiatory breach at "common law", Employer "terminated" the Contractor's employment based on contract provisions in afternoon! So, who terminated whom? Any difference? Read More
May 2023 Sometimes litigations may be deemed more of an academic exercise rather than of any practical relevance! Do you agree? Read More
April 2023 When an order of specific performance may be granted as a remedy for a breach of contract? Reference Case - Maxx Engineering Works Pte Ltd v PQ Builders Pte Ltd Read More
April 2023 In a contract which provides for arbitration as the dispute resolution platform, should the dispute have been referred to mediation despite it not being condition precedent to do so? Reference case - Maxx Engineering Works Pte Ltd v PQ Builders Pte Ltd Read More
Mar 2023 Whether a court of law is able to do "complete justice" every time? Perhaps no! Read More
Feb 2023 Can we accurately interpret a contract clause without analysing the specific words used? Mostly no! Read More
Feb 2023 Shouldn’t the contract law doctrines governing “variation claims” and “back-charges” be the same? Generally, yes, though usually understood otherwise. Read More
Feb 2023 What does “is notified” mean? What does “upon written notice” mean? And is there any difference? Read More
Feb 2023 Could “non-compliance” with contract provisions be fatal entitlement for variation claim? May be no! Case reference – Cross appeals between Vim Engineering Pte Ltd and Deluge Fire Protection (S.E.A.) Pte Ltd Read More
Jan 2023 In the battle of “Quotation” vs “Contract” – Who wins? Case reference - Presscrete Engineering Pte Ltd v Ssang Yong-Wai Fong Joint Venture [2023] SGHC 8 Read More
Jan 2023 Could disputes under contracts with arbitration clauses be brought to the court? The simple answer is “no”. It could only be brought to court under very narrow grounds. Case reference - Presscrete Engineering Pte Ltd v Ssang Yong-Wai Fong Joint Venture [2023] SGHC 8 Read More
Jan 2023 Direct Payment Arrangements – From Main Contractor to Sub-Contractor on behalf of the Contractor – What Could Go Wrong? Perhaps Everything. Case reference – Ten-League Engineering & Technology Pte Ltd, Ten-League Corporation Pte Ltd and Precise Development Pte Ltd, Choo Lye Weng Read More
Dec 2022 Review of Contract Documents - What's the big deal? Read More
Dec 2022 Termination due to non-payment and other substantive issues. Case Reference – Cross appeals between Diamond Glass Enterprise Pte Ltd vs Zhong Kai Construction Co Pte Ltd. Read More
Nov 2022 Isn't there any conflict of interest? for Contract Supervisors (Superintending Officer, Architect, Engineer) who have additional roles related to the underlying contract. Read More
Oct 2022 Not Valid Variation - But Additional Works Performed and Client was "enriched" - Can Claim? Reference document – Restitutionary Quantum Meruit Claims for Additional Payment in Construction Contracts [2022] SAL Prac 24 . Read More
Oct 2022 Professional Indemnity and Construction Contracts – SYT Consultants Pte Ltd v QBE Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd [2022] SGHC 251. Read More
Oct 2022 A note on “Collaborative Contracting”. Read More
Sep 2022 Is COVID 19 a Force Majeure event? Case reference – Cross appeals between Ser Kim Koi and GTMS Construction Pte. Ltd., Chan Sau Yan (formerly known as trading as Chan SauYan Associates), CSYA Pte Ltd. Read More
Sep 2022 The idiom "A stitch in time [Dispute Avoidance] saves nine [Dispute Resolution]". Read More
Aug 2022 Letter of Intent – A term of art?. Read More
Aug 2022 The predictability of the result of a dispute under a Ill drafted Contract!!!. Read More
Jul 2022 A note on phrases in contract such as “any other cause”, “etc”, ”and the like” from contract interpretation perspective. Read More
Jun 2022 A note on “Argument”, “Law” and “Facts” pyramid from the contract management or dispute resolution perspective. Read More
Jun 2022 Value of Contemporary Records – A Simple Case Study in Construction Sector. Read More
May 2022 Construction Contract Management - Is Prevention ("Dispute Avoidance") really better than cure ("Dispute Resolution")? If yes, why?. Read More
April 2022 Contract Management in Construction Sector – Whether Essential? Read More
April 2022 No Progress Payment – Stop Work (Would this be "appropriate" under Contract Law? If no, why? If yes, when? Case reference – LBE Engineering Pte Ltd v Double S Construction Pte Ltd [2022] SGHC 92. Read More
April 2022 Separate Quotations – Same contract or separate contracts? Case reference – Backho (S) Pte Ltd v KSE Marine Works Pte Ltd [2022] SGHC 11. Read More

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